Never Before Have I Seen Such a Joy

This week was the last week of school for my all of my little people at my internship. Though I will be starting another one this week I am sad to say goodbye to my little 5th graders, and heartbroken to stop my short-lived, but incredible, journey with Christina. In regular we-are-done-with-elementary-school-so-let’s-celebrate-going-to-the-next-school fashion, it was... Continue Reading →

Do You Know Why I Am Here?

“I AM LIVING MY DREAM.” A statement that was uttered, whispered, and proclaimed from my lips at least 30 different times this week. Vienna, though sometimes is hot and sweaty, is also a place where I feel I can pick up my soul, turn it over in my hands, and carefully chip away worries, sadness,... Continue Reading →

I Sit Where They Prayed

It is moments like this; sitting in a 300-year-old Baroque cathedral on a pleasantly-uncomfortable wooden bench in the center of old-town Vienna as a group of Slovak men sing the Credo of an Ordinary accompanied by the pipe organ, when this city sweeps me off my feet. I am writing in my notebook and will... Continue Reading →

900 Years of Sunday Silence

Ok, Landsleute, Let me just say: to have people not gawk awkwardly at your name tag is a bittersweet thing. Sweet, because having people awkwardly stare at your chest is weird and uncomfortable. Bitter, because I loved the role I played as an awkward little American missionary, and it was with that name tag I learned to love the... Continue Reading →

A Summer in Vienna

This summer from May to August I will be living in Vienna to complete a study abroad and internship program. This opportunity will allow me to solidify my language skills and also provide me with class credits toward my major and minors. In addition to my studies, I will complete an internship which involves working... Continue Reading →

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