She looks in the mirror

exposed flesh and vulnerable body members

that seem to display themselves

to the onlooking world on the stage

behind the locked door in her room

She has prayed and surpassed, and hidden

trying to attenuate the divots which began at the age of 12

and have plagued her since


In mirror spaces in between pajamas and t-shirts and swimsuits

like curdled milk spread across her skin

that crawls like parasites up the back of her thighs

she winces and cringes at the sight of those shallow ditches

which, to her

prove an absence of beauty

in the form of


an excess

which some may innocently call


once in a baby's skin

as she runs to the water’s edge

naked and bare, sun kissed cheeks

bounce with the beat of newborn steps

the divots in her skin prove newness


in baby fat that has yet to dissipate with

the stretching and pulling of growth spurts

running behind is a woman

cloth in hand

to cover up those little cheeks

her thighs are speckled with cellulite dimples -- different from those of the little daughter

they go deeper than innocence

they are its Mother

deep and stretched and maternal intrinsic

are an in-the-flesh witness

to what preceded this baby's

dimpled cheeks

these valleys, this imperfect plain of flesh

are witnessing

a journey lived

that no matter the diet or regime

will not dissipate

those life-lived lived-in scars

in the form



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