An Ode to the Misfits

To all you who might read this blog and make Emma Watson’s face which I have made the feature image:

Recently I watched the movie, The Circle.

It was a garbage movie.

I’m sorry, but I am also not.

This film, man…

Emma Watson plays a surprisingly dense young woman who bows down to a dystopian control system and on the way, in a way totally inhuman and absolutely unbelievable seems to forget all those she loves to bow down to the system. She usually looks concerned and/or distraught.

A lovely and useless character played by the devilishly handsome John Boyega who was cast just to get some Star Wars fans on board and to add a dash of multi-culti eye candy.

Complete with Tom Hanks there to be famous and weird Steve Jobs-esque conferences to a crowd of stupid millennial-esque young folks.


Oh, oh, this will be fun! Here is a series of pics to summarize the entire movie.

aaaaaTHISThe-Circle-Emma-Watson-gives-up-privacy-in-new-trailermaxresdefaultthe-circle-M380_TC_STILL_00353440_rgbthe-circle-blu-raymaxresdefault (1)heres-the-trailer-for-tom-hanks-and-emma-watsons-new-dystopian-movie-about-silicon-valleyIMG_0321gallery-1492448052-screen-shot-2017-04-17-at-174226Circle-Trailer-Australian-Release-Dateemma21702100619-Emma-Watson-Tom-Hanks-In-The-Circle-Trailerlandscape-1492448415-screen-shot-2017-04-17-at-174254 (1)


The movie is also all about transparency. The Circle, or company (?I really don’t have any idea?) encourages transparency and trust, so, of course, this means Emma Watson’s character finds it necessary to film her entire life. All. Of. It.

Every. Second.

All. The. Time.


OK, OK, OK. Jokes slightly aside – now, a moment of positivity for this wreck of a ‘film’

I am no SJW, but, I do believe in safe spaces.

I believe in spaces that encourage vulnerability even if it means it is being vulnerable to yourself.

So, although I will NOT…


…NOT be filming my every move and letting the world have a front-seat to my disaster of a life, I am going to experiment with this whole ‘transparency’ thing through a WINDOW into my disaster of a life in the form of a little webpage tucked into the corners of the interwebs. My mom is worried I am going to shoot my chances at ever finding a man in the foot with this thing; so, if you aren’t into touchy-feely person who likes reading about emotions and mental illness and college life, then you can look at this as an experiment to see it if she is right.

So, this little nook of a blog is my place to be a little brave. It is my ode to the idea that those self-diagnosed misfits, no matter their past/present deserves to know that they are one of another half; that there is someone else who is just as confused and wading, tripping, stumbling as blindly as they are.

So, cheers to you, misfits.

Welcome to, The Circle.


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