Es ist mir egal!

It was a special thing. One of those things that makes life’s colors so much more vibrant and deeper. Sitting next to a parentless, Somali refugee boy by the age of 17, in a boys’ home, in Austria, so you can teach him German. He laughed as I sassed him for trying to read too... Continue Reading →

To Germany With Love

Often, since being here, people will ask me where I learned German. This weird, American girl is tromping all over their land speaking a strange, American hybrid of high-German, and she knows when to use formal and informal terms. They’re like, What? I usually end up telling the story of how I lived in Germany... Continue Reading →

Never Before Have I Seen Such a Joy

This week was the last week of school for my all of my little people at my internship. Though I will be starting another one this week I am sad to say goodbye to my little 5th graders, and heartbroken to stop my short-lived, but incredible, journey with Christina. In regular we-are-done-with-elementary-school-so-let’s-celebrate-going-to-the-next-school fashion, it was... Continue Reading →

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